Thursday, May 31, 2012

Write   it   down

Yes, write it down! That’s what I’m going to do from now on. I can’t believe how something can go out of my mind almost immediately.

At Garden Club last Friday I told my friend Kellie something and since we were busy with the meeting, she said to send her an email and remind her.

Well, would you believe by the time the meeting was over I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to remind her.

Laughing to myself, I went ahead and sent her the email and told her what I thought I was supposed to remind her of which turned out to be right.

And then yesterday my husband Jim and I were working together assembling something in the  garage and realized we needed to get a certain tool for future use.

I told him when we finished and I went into the house I would write it down so we would be sure to remember it.

Can you believe I’d forgotten it by the time I got in the house. I’m still trying to think what it was.

Oh well, such is life. As my mom always said, “Aw, just laugh and go on.” And I’ll probably think of it later. If not, I guess it wasn’t that important.

Even though I forget sometimes, I know Someone who never forgets. And He especially never forgets us. He is our Creator and Heavenly Father.

One thing though that I will absolutely never forget is that God loves us with a love that will never stop. Never!

As someone once said, “We are continually and always before Him. Forever. Now. Five minutes ago. In three days. When we are awake and when we are asleep. All the time.”

I like the imagery of Isaiah 49:16 from the New Living Translation: “See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands …”

Love in Jesus,
God’s never forgotten servant,
Liz Ray
Written April 11, 2012

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