Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midnight   cleaning

I got up at 12:01 a.m. worked til 3 a.m. cleaning out the hall closet. I worked yesterday and today organizing my magazines and papers for several years. Jim built the second bookcase in the basement. I’m in the mood to clean up and keep “paper” under control. I’m going to open my mail each day.
1/1/91 2:59 p.m. 40 degrees 104½#

Wow! What a goal. I’m going to open my mail each day. A great New Year’s resolution!

I had to laugh when I happened to read this note I had written in my Daily Walk Bible on New Year’s day back in 1991.

In the 20 years since then I have progressed though because I am opening my mail each day—that is, when I pick it up.

For a few years now we have had a post office box instead of a rural mailbox so that means we pick it up when we are in town and it isn’t every day that we go in.

Oh, well, the sticks on the path in trying to lead an organized life. I find it a fight trying to keep cabinets and closets cleaned out and the “paper trail” under control and not to junk up the basement when I need a place to put something.

And then there’s the outside keeping the garage clean and the barn clean and the flower beds mulched and stray weeds out.

But one thing I have found through the years in trying to get organized, the most important thing is to get my self organized spiritually.

I do know where my Bible is and it is a very important part of my day. If I spend time in it each day the other parts of my life seem more organized.

In fact, there is a Proverb from the Living Bible translation that gives me hope: “Reverence for the Lord adds hours to each day...” (Proverbs 10:27)

As I take time to still my mind and sit at the Lord’s feet, I know He will help me figure out my priorities—how to organize my day even!

Love in Jesus,
God’s “organized” servant,
Liz Ray
Written December 29, 2011

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